What is this?

I do a lot of projects - film, web videos, music, writing, comedy, etc. Since I really don't have anything that gets much exposure or interest, it makes the most sense to offer all my ecclectic stuff in one place online. I see my website as a place for my friends and acquaintances to check out what I've been up to lately, as well as a potential launchpad for getting myself out there if I ever have anything to actually promote. I mean seriously, if you want to see more of something... respond to it, and I'll make more of it. If you want to be an audience, I will gladly pander to you.

Why am I doing all this?

I couldn't say why I keep making music, writing down ideas and singing into a tape recorder. I don't really feel that I'm naturally talented, or that I can or should be making a living off of what I do. Those are dreams for 18 year olds. Now, I'm just running on inertia. I don't think I could stop making stuff if I wanted to.

Personal Information

I grew up in Missoula Montana. I had a dream that I would travel the world, living all over the USA, Europe and Japan, with no money, playing music and learning. But then, I sort of got bitch slapped by reality, so I went to college, and I have to work a day job. Besides those caveats, I'm pretty much living the dream!

I'm currently in Portland. Why not? Playing guitar in my own band called Stein, working at the Oregon Zoo, and trying to publish my first novel. I probably won't stay here forever, but I've got a great little artistic household and community here, so I'll probably stick around until I go broke again.


I am always looking for musicians and people to help with projects. Particularly, if you have any interest in playing my material, in my bands, or getting involved in my comedy and video projects, or if you want to offer me a gig that offers money or exposure of any sort. If you want to get in touch with me and for whatever reason haven't been able to, feel free to use my feedback form, and I will respond.