January, 2013

This Web Site Needs an Enema.

I'm long overdue for a redesign of my web site, but have been held back by issues of how to brand and prioritize things. I'm trying to give the full spectrum here of what I do, so sometimes it's hard to know whether the Junk shows should get top billing, or Stein, or my novel, or whether this site should be more about the stuff I do that doesn't fit as well into those categories, like the other bands I'm in and my acoustic songs, rants, and comedy.

The conclusion I've reached is that I want this site to always be the epicenter of all the activity, but largely it will be redirecting to the web pages of the various bands, shows, and projects.

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of Adam Loewen and his Flophousers, Steins, and Junkies alike - so much so that this cheap design job isn't cutting the mustard anymore. Stay tuned. Keep it bookmarked. It will improve. It will update.

In the meantime, I've got work to do....

The Revelation Complex: book one of my ~Beacon~ series

After three years of hard work through six drafts, an editor, and two writing groups, I feel that my science fiction novel is finally worthy of an earnest search for a publisher. I know that thus far I have mostly delivered false promises and sent the first two chapters out to interested fans without much followup, but this is the real thing this time. I've got four decent prospects to send it off to, and from there, just keeping my nose to the grindstone.

The Revelation Complex is largely intended as a stand-alone introduction to the philosophy of Ken Wilber, targeted at those completely unfamiliar with his work. My hope is that by reading the labyrinthine tome that tells the story of Tony Parsons and his creation, the Revelation Complex, readers will get sucked into the action, drama, and suspense, without ever knowing that they are being introduced to cutting edge ideas that help to organize our ideas of what it is to be human, what it is to be spiritual, and what it means to evolve in today's postmodern intellectual swamp.

In the future, I will have a legit page dedicated to the book and there, you can find a decent description of what it is and what it's about, and you can track my progress trying to get published. In the meantime, just know that it's getting thumbs up all around in the writing group, and you know that I don't love to toot my own horn... But this book is freaking amazing.

I have worked really, really hard on making 173,000 words internally consistent and undeniably addictive, constantly giving my full heart and mind to telling a story that holds a mirror up to the times we live in and the people we've become. I have gone from not being a writer at all to having a legitimate foothold in the craft, and though I have outlines for an entire series here, I refuse to write another damn thing until this damn thing is sitting on bookshelves. I really believe in this story, I really love these characters, and I honestly think that if you read my book, you will never forget it.

Junk Reviews Christmas

My friend Jessica turned me on to this stinker, and I just can't stop watching it. Cranked up the anger level on this one for comic effect.

Junk Plays is on a roll.

We never really thought the show would go on this long, but you can now see Craig, Adam, and other Flophousers commentate on Wizards and Warriors, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, Adventure Island III, Rogue Legacy, Hotline Miami, Metroid NES, Captain Planet and the Planeteers NES, Taboo: the Sixth Sense, and the entire second quest of Legend of Zelda. See them all here. From this point forward, I'm not going to spam this web site with Junk Plays releases, so please subscribe to the unwolfmelightox youtube channel to watch our unique Let's Play show grow and develop!

New Stein Live Footage.

I know I promised I would leave all Stein news to the dedicated web page:, but man, we played a terrific show at Ash Street Saloon and got some of the best footage we've ever gotten - WITH founding member Thilo Strontium-90 subbing in on the drums - and he kicks butt! Check out the new songs here:

In other Stein news, we've found a replacement drummer, and are excited to get playing shows again and officially drop our new EP/DVD Accidance! I've literally got seven Stein albums in the works right now, yes seven: Accidance!, Shades, Opposites Attract, Toybox, Excursions, The Future of Sales of course, and a bodacious remaster of our seminal debut Travels just bouncing out at the moment...

Be ready. Things will happen very fast from here, Stein willing...

Watch it all happen over the next two years at The Stein Sound. I'm getting out of this town when my plates expire!

December, 2013

A New Show from the Junk Crew!

Playing video games and talking goes hand in hand with the Junk mission of creating entertainment with minimal thought and effort. Check out our first batch of game commentaries.

Stein Business

Check out The Stein Sound's Official Website to keep following Stein! If you haven't already, "like" Our Facebook Page and check out our Official ~Head of Sales~ Twitter for snide observations about life and The Future of Sales.

But first...

Adam's got one last dance move to teach you from home base:

Not enough for you?

Okay, how about some unreleased recordings?



The Duel is on...

Gavin McCourt, some punk butt from Missoula (also, a member of Arrows to the Sun, the Skurfs, and a bunch of other schlock), has challenged me to an official guitar duel on Facebook. It doesn't get much more official than that.

June, 2013

Time For Another Junk Session!

The Relative Official Music Video

Stein's first music video for Accidance, put together by Jessica Stuart.

Hidden Basement Snacks

To promote our new upcoming album Accidance, we played a gig for the internet.

Keep in tune with us as we release more videos from this session, and don't forget to buy our record when it comes out! In the meantime, check out the Box it comes in. You can pick up a copy at your local VHS store.

Lady Troubles

Recently, I was dating a chick and she cheated on me and dumped me for a total douchebag. That ever happen to you? Idk, I figure they probably deserve each other, right? Anyways, the event spurred me to record some videos of me playing a few of my older songs that I haven't touched in a while, so here they are. Trying to make lemonade, I guess. Behind My Back, Letdown, Wavy Lines, Breakdown, Wrong Temperature (written by Craig Umhoefer). These are the types of things I used to play with that one girl who played cello. I guess I was just in a sentimental mood. Love you guys, and thanks for supporting me through my mess.

April, 2013

Not Druids

I've been playing drums for Not Druids, and we're finally gig-ready with the new lineup. EARTH DAY at Langano Lounge, April 22nd, Free Will be our first show with the new 6-piece band consisting of Ross Wilson, David Lessem, Jonathan Oak, Robert Bearak, and Matt Cockrell. Check us out on Facebook.


Stein's playing shows in Portland. If you're a band, hit us up and let's play together over the summer! We're also looking for a lead guitarist, possibly multi-instrumentalist. Our first album with this group, Accidance, is nearing completion, completely produced by our own Ross, and we've already got a music video completed, just waiting for us to master out the song. We're planning to do a music video for each of the songs on the album, due to our growing partnership with local film/photography people, and the conversion of a bedroom into a shooting studio. One of the vids will involve a Stein flash mob, so get in touch with us if you want to be a part of that. As always, like us on facebook, and check out all our adorable pictures and videos. We just recently posted new live footage from another Ash Street Show where we rocked the house and had a great time, and that's all up on the youtube! Thanks Jessica and Sam for EVERYTHING.

Our only gig right now is EARTH DAY at Langano Lounge, April 22nd, Free. It will be our first show with the new 6-piece lineup of Not Druids, so if you're a friend of mine, it will be a two-fer. Also, local band Endless Loop.

VLOG: I Don't Get Comics

VLOG: Adam Pierces Himself

January, 2013


Stein is up and running with a whole new cast of characters. We've recently been described as "psychedelic sex rock". So sex, drugs, rock and roll. Nailed it. Keep up with our facebook and reverbnation pages for shows, but here's a list of some:

January 12, Saturday, Flophouse. House party at Adam's home. Don't worry, Sarah won't be there.
January 20, Sunday, Langano Lounge. Stein descends upon one of their favorite venues in Portland with Welfare, Not Druids.
February 20, Wednesday, Ash Street Saloon. Stein plays with two of their new best friends, Emergency! and IcanIcants.
February 21, Thursday, Ash Street Saloon. Stein with Spacewaster and Muffaluffagus.

And be sure and check out some of our videos on youtube!

RTDABA - Pinata Kombat

The third installment in this series. It runs a bit long, so unless you're hardcore, I recommend the short version.

Short Version:

Long Version:

VLOG: Missoula Trip

Drove down to Missoula last summer. Finally got around to putting the footage together. Not that great, but kinda cute and funny. And racist.

November, 2012

Junk Reviews Episode 4: Pet Sematary

Horror movie review for Halloween. Watch it, enjoy it, and I'll keep making them. Deal?

FlopCast #2: Rice

I'm not gonna lie. This is slow... and pointless... Craig, Adam, and Sam talk about rice and other staple grains. Good thing to leave on if you have pets.

Note: FlopCast #3 was good. It was about Road Trips, and it featured Helen Maher with the gang. Unfortunately, Adam doesn't understand how to use a Zoom recorder, so the record button was never actually pressed... Sorry, Helmint.

Stein News and Dates!

The latest reincarnation of my post-crunk poogaze revival act includes the talents of Gayle Towell on drums, Ross Wilson on bass, and Taya Quirina on the keybradors. It's been a long road to reassembling the Stein live band, but we're up and running with a full set of songs and a couple of shows in the coming months.

December 16, 2012. Langano Lounge, Portland, with The Lovely Lost.
December 22, 2012. Mt Tabor Theater, Portland, with Emergency.
January 20, 2012. Langano Lounge, Portland, with Welfare.

We'd love to see you at one of our shows, and don't forget to wear your purple, green, and black!

Check out our web page too, so you can friend us on Facebook and generally otherwise worship us.

October, 2012

Flophouse Podcast: FlopCast!

In our first household podcast, Craig, Adam, Sarah, Ross, Laura, Jessica, and Sam discuss the most defining actors and actresses of our generation, and soon realize they have no idea what they're talking about.

VLOG: Bugger Alert

September, 2012

Shining Through

RTDABA - Ichiban and Iidako

Guitar Instruction

I've recently taken up a position teaching private guitar lessons through the Lessons In Sound Academy in Multnomah Village, Portland. Take a look at my profile, especially if you're interested in learning some guitar! I am also working on a series of online lessons, for those of you cheapos, such as myself.


Went to PAX with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, I didn't shoot any video, I didn't wake up early enough for Screwattack, and our costumes didn't work out (SuperBrothers: Sword and Sworcery). I never even got to wear mine. Mega68 had a really fun panel, and the performance by the Protomen totally blew my mind. If you haven't heard of Protomen, they do an NES Mega Man-inspired rock opera in 3 Acts, and it totally kicks ass.

Working on the web site...

I'm totally newbian to web design, but I'm getting better. Right now, it's a priority to fix the Stein page, as I'm trying to draw in new people. Keep checking back. Let me know what you think as it develops...

Stein Update

Yes, Stein is currently dead... but being ressurected. Explanation in video below. Want to be in Stein? Let me know!

Vlog Sept-5-12

I've never tried this before, so I'm just talking about what's goin on with my projects and my life.

April, 2012

Music Update - Stein's Back

After a two-year hiatus, my sawed-off swan song of a band, Stein, is making a triumphant resurrection from nonbeing, with a new guitarist and bassist. We have two demos made, and I'm working on an EPIC rock opera. In the meantime, we also have a brilliant set of songs and we are just dipping our toes into the Portland music scene. Our first show out will be at Mississippi Pizza on May 21st. You want to offer us a gig? DO IT!

The Stein Grid:
friend us on myspace
de-face us on facebook
assassi-nation us on reverbnation
(and listen to our NEW DEMO SONGS!)

Revelation Complex (Novel) news:

After an intensive week of editing, I now have a polished, pretty little manuscript, and plenty of things I could still work on and tool around with while I pursue publication. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Novelty Theory

This is the only video of myself in Novelty Theory that I have access to, which is kind of a shame, as you all know how I love to catalog things:

As I said before, the old members of the band (everyone but the guy who started it, named it, and wrote all the songs, Jeremy) started their own band, now calling themselves The Real. Check them out on Facebook if you're interested.

New Videos

Splendid: Typical song by me, not really for anything, although we do a rock/samba version in Stein:

Green Eggs and Hamms Easter Party footage: Unfortunately, the only thing I wanted to show you - STEIN playing an awesome set of songs and making everyone cum until they bled - was not recorded. Apparently, the camera man was having such a good time, their mind was too blown to operate a camera. So, sorry about that. Just take it from me, I guess... we rocked. Here's the crap footage that actually WAS recorded:

March, 2012

Science Fiction Novel

The Revelation Complex is my first novel, and the first installment in my Beacon series... and it is now officially finished. It has been about two years in the making (ever since I came to Portland). I just wrapped up the third draft, mostly written latenight at SE Grind to avoid roommates and other distractions. The changes are based on my own evolving sensibilities, fan feedback, and suggestions from my editor. I'm very happy with the latest draft, and I think you will be too. I can honestly say this is the most time I've ever put into any project in my life. Currently, I'm having a pro edit job done, then I'll be shopping around to see if there's any interest in printing. Otherwise... well, you know me. I'll print that shit myself and sell you copies and kindle files right here from the website. Yeah, I'd really like to be published tho. I'll be giving you teasers, behind the scenes and sneak peaks of the book in the near future!

Music Update

New music is on the way. I was playing guitar with a band called Novelty Theory for several months, but it didn't work out (long story short). In response to that, I have put Stein back together. Listen to our first demo track! This is not an official track, just a little teaser. We are just getting started playing shows and everything, so be on the lookout for us. I'll keep you updated.

Novelty Theory

I hope to acquire some video of our first and only show, just to catalogue and prove it really happened, but this was a group I was an integral part of for several months, and we played a handful of my originals, including Firing Guns, Zombies, Jumper Cables, Edge of Sleep, and The Relative. Unfortunately, the leadsinger, Jeremy, and I clashed, culminating in him getting pretty real at me. I'm not down with the bro-down, so I hit the road. Turns out, like two months later everyone else in the band took off too because of the same type of shit. Moral of story: when you are pushy and confrontational, it's hard to keep friends and collaborators around. The remaining alumni (Chris, Nick, Brad, Max, and Sam) are playing new shows under the name Mystic Reason. I feel a little left out, but there's already two great guitarists, and they have a chemistry and magic all their own! They kick ass, so check them out.

New Videos

I've been a little lax on filmmaking, mostly because of working really hard on my novel and bands, but also because I may or may not have lost access to the good video camera, so I've been using my Sony Webbie (which Thilo reviewed a few months back. It's crap).

Voodoo Mambo: I tackle the theme to the John Leguizamo vehicle The Pest (1997).

Sandpiper: Here's a song I've had "in progress" for a long time, just thought I'd put it out there. I wrote this one during one of the late nights at the brain injury rehab center.

Just some bullshit. I find it amusingish.

November 21, 2011

Junk Tracks - Splendid

I actually found this unfinished, forgotten song on my harddrive. Special guest stars Aaron Johnson on drums and Christine Bucher on cello. Now there's a combo! Slapped a new vocal on, mixed a bit, and here it is.

October 28, 2011

RTDABA - How to Carve a Pumpkin

October 28, 2011

Junk Reviews - Pumpkinhead

In this minor-themed Halloween special, I get to the bottom of the pumpkin patch, and find some buried dogshit.

October 25, 2011

Let's get that Halloween feeling happening! Check out this short story, in the style of Goosebumps!

October 12, 2011

OMFG I seriously just realized the SECRET TO LIFE

October 11, 2011

I recorded a new acoustic song for youtube.
Give it a listen: Edge of Sleep

October, 2011

Junk Reviews - Final Fantasy XII

See episode 2 of my show, where I get down and dirty with a beloved game franchise.

October, 2011

The Mystery House

Roommates and I are all moved into the new place. We have five boxes of star trek VHS tapes from craigslist free ads and I've got this enormous cement basement. Good to go! There are angles, sounds, little passages, we even found a creepy skeleton guy drawn on a piece of wood. The lady from property management said they call it the "Alice In Wonderland House", but I think we can do better, so it has no formal name. My girlfriend suggested the Winchester Mystery House, or some such thing. Anyway, paranormal ghost sightings that are 100% real and shocking are clearly overdue to occur in this hotbed of spector activity.

September, 2011

End of Summer News Update

New short story up, The Possibilities. It's not for everyone, though.

I'm sorry I haven't updated my site. I actually have been making stuff, but we were going to redo my layout and it ultimately didn't work out, so now I'm back to doing my own web stuff, and you're going to start seeing more shiznats.

This has been a very great, busy Summer for me. I have been living in a one-bedroom with three other people and for the most part, sleeping in a vehicle. We are now in the process of moving into a larger place, with the addition of a new room mate, who happens to be a drummer from one of my bands... Look out.

Novelty Theory has grown and now we finally have a full line-up with bass and drums, and we are all ready to start playing some real shows.

I took down my second draft of Revelation Complex, because I am nearly finished with the third (and possibly final) draft. I have gotten a lot of great, constructive feedback, and I'm ready to start seeing if anyone has any interest in printing this thing. Wish me luck!

September, 2011

Junk Reviews

My first attempt at retro-riffing didn't go so well. I had some trouble with lighting, sound, character, and overall, the film was a poor choice, but I think there are enough gags in there to make it worth your while.

Junk Reviews - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Adam looks at the 1987 John Hughes buddy comedy that is probably the only watchable Thanksgiving movie.

August, 2011

Screwing Around

I made a couple of videos just screwing around, sort of day-in-the-life stuff. Edited them to the point they are almost watchable. I don't know. I find them fun.

Sony Camera Review

Seven Eleven Day